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Links to Brewing Resource Pages


Global Links

BeerNews.info (beernews.info)
Latest Beer and Brewing News from around the world.


Australian Links

AHB - Aussie Homebrewer (www.aussiehomebrewer.com)
- Contains forums, recipes, brewing calculators and more.

Microbrewing.com.au (www.microbrewing.com.au)
- Australian Microbrewing Beer News

Oliver and Geoff's (www.homebrewandbeer.com)
- An Australian site about making and enjoying beer.

Vicbrew (www.vicbrew.org)
 - An organization set-up to organize and run a Victorian Amateur/Craft/Home Brewing competition. Website contains lots of useful information and links.


U.S.A. Links

Brew-Monkey (www.brew-monkey.com)
- Contains lots of useful information for the beginner to the advanced brewer. Also has lots of good links.

BA - Brewers Association (www.beertown.com)
- The Brewers Association was established in 2005 by a merger of the Association of Brewers and the Brewers' Association of America. The Brewers Association also produces Style Guidelines that can be downloaded here.

BJCP - Brewers Association (www.bjcp.org)
- The Beer Judge Certification Program promotes beer literacy by training beer judges as well as producing style guidelines that can be downloaded here.

How to Brew (www.howtobrew.com)
- Online brewing book by John Palmer.

ProBrewer.com (www.probrewer.com)
- Contains very useful information on brewing equipment, techniques and ingredients (The hopdata page is very good)

What Ales You (www.whatalesyou.com)
- Contains databases on beers, breweries and ingredients.


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