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Top rated - Home Brewing Album
My bottle capper5707 viewsNothing like automating your bottling process.buster3931
(25 votes)
mmmm-Amber Ale3563 viewswakkatoo
(22 votes)
Ben Hamilton's Home Brewery15468 viewsThis is the brewery that my brother Tom and I built5 commentsbhami
(31 votes)
Photo taken at Beer Day Out 20085406 viewsPhoto taken at Beer Day Out 2008VK3NYC
(23 votes)
Rod racks on fridge10764 viewsHad a few rods lying around so screwed a rod holder on to the side of the fridge. Works a treat and is a great spot to store my fermenter spoon as well!Wakkatoo
(23 votes)
Label off a recent brew9259 viewsgavinskiwa
(23 votes)
Grain Mill6314 viewsThis is my grain mill . Homemade and a bloody ripper . Driven from a good cordless drill it just sucks it through . buster3931
(21 votes)
Flooded Beer Tap6088 viewsThis is a picture of my flooded beer tap. I bought it from eBay. If you plan to set up a glycol system in your home bar get a flooded tap if you canbhami
(21 votes)
Keg and cc'ing jerry9073 viewsWakkatoo
(21 votes)
Fridgemate10195 viewsThe fridgemate in operation on the fermentation fridge.Bags
(24 votes)
Gav after a few brews on a hot day9204 viewsgavinskiwa
(22 votes)
Aged Hops3395 viewsThis is the aged hops after a few weeks. They have lost a lot of their colour and aroma.bhami
(20 votes)
Supporting Fermenter in Fridge4923 viewsThis is a picture showing how I have supported the fermenter in a fridge using bricks.bhami
(14 votes)
Orval Brett. yeast starter.3443 viewsThis is the starter I have made to get the brett yeast out of the Orval bottle. I am adding this brett yeast to my wine barrel aged beer.bhami
(19 votes)
Aged Hops7370 viewsThis is a shot of the aged hops after they have been removed from the dehydrator. They were aged at around 65 degrees C for around 3 weeks. In that time they lost a lot of their colour and aroma.bhami
(19 votes)
Wakkatoo's brew stand3547 viewswakkatoo
(19 votes)
Brewing shed9270 viewsMy fermentation fridge and cellaring fridge standing side by side in the garage.Bags
(19 votes)
Aging Hops3037 viewsThis is a shot of some hops that are being artificially aged in a fowlers dehydrator to be used in the same way that Lambic brewers use hops.bhami
(17 votes)
Orval Clone next to an Orval3913 viewsThis is a picture of an Orval Clone I have made next to a real Orval. Mine is a little darker and stronger (it boiled down further than I predicted as I fixed my brewery burner). Overall it is a darn good drop and has those farmhouse brett characters of the real thing. It should get better with a bit of age. My head isn't as dense on this photo as the real Orval but is improving the longer it sits in the bottle. YUM.bhami
(17 votes)
Inside of mash tun3456 viewswakkatoo
(17 votes)
Hoegaarden clone label3492 views"Happy 50th"
"Spiced orange wheat beer"
(17 votes)
Beer Day Out 20084923 viewsPhoto taken at Beer Day Out 2008VK3NYC
(17 votes)
Mindy8766 viewsFearless rat catcher protector of the grain supply and brew assistantTaz
(25 votes)
wakkatoo's brew stand3271 viewswakkatoo
(15 votes)
Waxed Orval Clones3353 viewsI plan to keep about half of my Orval Clones to see how they age over the coming few years. To prevent oxygen getting in through the crown seal I have waxed them. bhami
(15 votes)
My brew stand with keggle, mash tun and march pump3436 viewswakkatoo
(15 votes)
Photo taken at Beer Day Out 20085717 viewsPhoto taken at Beer Day Out 2008VK3NYC
(15 votes)
Photo taken at Beer Day Out 20084845 viewsPhoto taken at Beer Day Out 2008VK3NYC
(18 votes)
The Mess After The Brew9422 viewsThis is a picture of the mess left behind after I have done a brew. You can see the spent grain and the hop bag that has been pulled out of the boil. It takes me about half an hour to clean up.bhami
(18 votes)
Birthday Brewing3467 viewsGetting 2 brews down before we wnt away for christmas - hadn't even finished unpacking!wakkatoo
(13 votes)
The bar6143 viewsThe bar which is about 80% completedcraigs1978
(22 votes)
Filtered vs unfiltered18793 viewsThis is a good example of what your beer can look like after filtering.Wakkatoo
(22 votes)
Filling the wine barrel3366 viewsThis is a shot of the first brew going into the wine barrel for fermentation and brett conditioning. It is going to take 5 brews to get enough beer to fill the barrel.bhami
(11 votes)
Wakkatoo's brew frame3421 viewswakkatoo
(14 votes)
A quick label I made up for ny kilkenny clone I had on tap at MIL's 50th4124 viewswakkatoo
(14 votes)
Photo taken at Beer Day Out 20084809 viewsPhoto taken at Beer Day Out 2008VK3NYC
(17 votes)
The 0812steved Patented CCing Doohicky8784 viewsFor those of you unable to (or not allowed to) acquire a fridge for CCing, this is my baby.

It is watertight and is insulated with polystrene fruit cartons (and highly decorative duct tape). I fill it with ice in the morning and top up with 4 cups of ice in the afternoon. Each morning I syphon out the water (5L/day) for the dog or the garden.

In this (February) climate it keeps the beer at around 12c, but from Autumn to Spring it comes into its own - keeping the beer well below 10c, and not using as much ice.

It may be ugly (thanks for noticing) but it does the job. I can provide detailed plans for those who need them.......
(20 votes)
craigs1978's Bar (updated version) 7914 viewsThis is about 95% complete. (Don't mind the big stain on the carpet, that's what happens when you leave a tin of stain on the shelf on a windy day. NOT.....HAPPY JAN!!!)1 commentscraigs1978
(23 votes)
My beloved fridge!10165 viewsWakkatoo
(23 votes)
My Brewrig4138 viewsBrew day filling the fermenter through the CFCTaz
(24 votes)
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