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Australian Links

Adelaide Bier Shop (www.adelaidebiershop.com.au)
- Adelaide's online beer store. Specialising in boutique and imported beer from near and afar. Australia wide delivery available. Great range of beers available.

Aussiepubs (www.aussiepubs.com.au)
- Online Directory of Australian Pubs, Bars and Bistros

Bar Lovers (www.barlovers.com.au)
- Gifts, Barware and Wine Accessories from brands including Coopers, Tooheys, Wild Turkey, XXXX, Bundaberg Rum and Jack Daniels

Beer Guide Australia (www.beerguide.com.au)
- An online guide to beer, tasting, and the various flavors. Offers tips on how to taste beer, and offers reviews using a unique rating system. Also allows registered members to rate beers. Focused on Australia and New Zealand.

Brodie's Castle Brewing (www.brodiescastlebrewing.com)
- Home brew forum based in Australia but with members all over the place!

GrogPrices (www.grogprices.com.au)
- GrogPrices takes the trouble out of searching and gets the Beer and Spirit specials from hundreds of bottleshops, all to find you the best prices for your favourite Beers, Spirits and Pre-Mixed Drinks.

Online Breathalyzer (www.rupissed.com)
- Online alcohol breathalyzer test and blood alcohol content calculator. Hangover cures, hangover remedies and drinking jokes.

Pub Crawl Generator (www.pubcrawlgenerator.com.au)
- Great site that has a pub crawl search facility (Melbourne pubs only as of Nov 09, but looks like they plan to add more). Also has a nice beer blog that is updated regularly.

Sydney Happy Hour (www.sydneyhappyhour.com)
- Sydney site aiming to map all the happy hours on offer in Sydney plus forum, beer reviews, homebrew discussions etc.

The Happiest Hour (www.thehappiesthour.com)
Find a happy hour in a pub or bar near you.


Belgian Links

Club Sjarčl International (www.clubsjarel.com)
- Club Sjarčl International is a tastery club from Belgium. Each month they try to taste some Belgian and/or foreign beers that they have never tasted before. On their site you can see their beer list and reports of the monthly meetings, visits to events etc....


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