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Beer Glass9685 views"Sion Kolsch" beer glass. Very thin and light glass. 'Purchased' on a Rhine River cruise 2000.ANT.
Beer Stein9389 viewsA beautiful quality glass beer stein, with hand engraved motive of hops and malt plants. Received as a gift.ANT.
The Mess After The Brew9365 viewsThis is a picture of the mess left behind after I have done a brew. You can see the spent grain and the hop bag that has been pulled out of the boil. It takes me about half an hour to clean up.bhami
Full production!9335 viewsFinally running at full production! 4 kegs with 2 on tap, one co2'ing and another cellaring until september 2008.Wakkatoo
Brewing shed9210 viewsMy fermentation fridge and cellaring fridge standing side by side in the garage.Bags
Label off a recent brew9197 viewsgavinskiwa
Gav after a few brews on a hot day9143 viewsgavinskiwa
Fermentation fridge9108 viewsMy fermentation fridge with the trusty fridgemate sitting on top.Bags
Tasting at Jarrah Jacks9013 viewsMe (on the right) and Noel perusing the selection at Jarrah Jacks Pemberton W.A.warrachie
Keg and cc'ing jerry9012 viewsWakkatoo
My outdoor bar.8965 viewsMy bar top is made of red river gum which has been sealed with a marine varnish. The serving fidge has two taps to accomodate the two kegs within. Bags
Bar at Little Creatures8963 viewsPossibly the best bar anywhere. Note the pipes coming across overhead, these come straight from the brewery in the background into the big tanks at the bar where the taps are located!warrachie
Out the front of Little Creatures8930 viewsThe Little Creatures Brewery at Fremantle, built in an old boat construction shed.warrachie
Inside the portable keg fridge8897 viewsThis picture shows the rubber mat used as insulation on the inside of the portable keg fridge. The lid has also been insulated. The mat was purchased at Clarke Rubber for about $15, the plastic drum was sitting in the garage and the tap was a spare given to me by an old publican mate. Bags
Jarrah Jacks8879 viewsAnother shot in the Jarrah Jacks Brewerywarrachie
Portable keg fridge8852 viewsThe portable keg fridge is an old plastic drum which has been lined with rubber for insulation. The beer tap and a hole for the co2 line has been added. Two to three bags of ice will generally last for 24 hours before a to up is needed.Bags
Sulli's stubby holder comp photo - finallist8849 viewsPhoto entered by Sulli in the 2007 stubby holder photo competitionbhami
Bright Brewery Tasting Tray8847 viewsA tasting tray of the 5 beers at Bright Brewerybhami
Filter setup8793 viewsFiltering from right to left. Just need to hook up CO2Wakkatoo
2 Brothers Brewery8785 viewsThis is a shot of 2 Brothers Brewery in Moorabbin (SE Melb). It is well worth checking out if you get a chance.bhami
The 0812steved Patented CCing Doohicky8727 viewsFor those of you unable to (or not allowed to) acquire a fridge for CCing, this is my baby.

It is watertight and is insulated with polystrene fruit cartons (and highly decorative duct tape). I fill it with ice in the morning and top up with 4 cups of ice in the afternoon. Each morning I syphon out the water (5L/day) for the dog or the garden.

In this (February) climate it keeps the beer at around 12c, but from Autumn to Spring it comes into its own - keeping the beer well below 10c, and not using as much ice.

It may be ugly (thanks for noticing) but it does the job. I can provide detailed plans for those who need them.......
Mindy8674 viewsFearless rat catcher protector of the grain supply and brew assistantTaz
HLT upgrade8645 viewsAutomated HLT filling. This was done using a simple two stage controller. The sensors are home made as I couldn't find anything off the shelf. These were made up of 1/2 inch BPT nipples welded top and bottom with plastic end caps used in rural irrigation to electrically isolate the probes from the keg which acts as ground. These caps were boiled in an electric jug for 15 minutes to test for heat and they stood up well. The probes used were stainless steel screws and nuts. Corrosion and electrolysis can be a real problem with this sort of gear.
1 commentsTaz
Colonial Brewing8444 viewsMe (the big one on the right!) and my mate Noel out the front of Colonial Brewing Co., Margret River W.A. One of a few microbreweries in the area, winners of lots of awards and after sampling and buying a bit of their product, I now know why!warrachie
Jarrah Jacks8432 viewsInside the brewery at Jarrah Jackswarrachie
Colonial Brewhaus8427 viewsThis is the brewery at Colonial, the place where they make the beeeudiful Dr. Quick's Strong Ale!warrachie
Label off a recent brew8424 viewsgavinskiwa
Label off a recent brew8422 viewsgavinskiwa
Jarrah Jacks Brewhaus8411 viewswarrachie
Little Creatures entrance8408 viewsThis is the front entrance to Little Creatures, the brewhaus is on the left and the bar/resteraunt is straight ahead. You can see the overhead pipes coming from the brewery to the bar vats. Great food there too!warrachie
Jarrah Jacks8401 viewswarrachie
Another Paddle Shot8392 viewsBeer Paddle and the brewery at Colonialwarrachie
Jarrah Jacks8387 viewsThis is the Jarrah Jacks Brewery and Woodsmoke Estate Cellar Door at Pemberton W.A.warrachie
Benjamin at Little Creatures8373 viewsIn years to come he'll appreciate me taking him there all those years ago!!!warrachie
Beer selection at Colonial8346 viewsThis is one of those paddles you get at microbreweries. About ten bucks and you got a decent taste of each stylewarrachie
Label off a recent brew8337 viewsgavinskiwa
Jarrah Jacks Brewhaus8314 viewsAnother shot inside the Jarrah Jacks Brewerywarrachie
Wakkatoo's stubby holder comp photo - finalist8268 viewsPhoto entered by Wakkatoo in the 2007 stubby holder photo competitionbhami
Rysa's stubby holder comp photo - finalist8252 viewsPhoto entered by Rysa in the 2007 stubby holder photo competitionbhami
Hop Fields just out of Myrtleford8209 viewsAnother shot of the Hop fields just out of Myrtleford, Victoria.bhami
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