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Search results - "keg"
HLT upgrade8688 viewsAutomated HLT filling. This was done using a simple two stage controller. The sensors are home made as I couldn't find anything off the shelf. These were made up of 1/2 inch BPT nipples welded top and bottom with plastic end caps used in rural irrigation to electrically isolate the probes from the keg which acts as ground. These caps were boiled in an electric jug for 15 minutes to test for heat and they stood up well. The probes used were stainless steel screws and nuts. Corrosion and electrolysis can be a real problem with this sort of gear.
1 commentsTaz
7701 viewsTurning a 60 litre Sankey keg into a 85 litre one. The need to brew triple batches to fill 3 corny kegs I found the 60 litre keg was a tad to small which didn't allow for evaporation and head room for hot break, this is how I approached the problem. I cut the middle out of a damaged keg scavenged from an apple orchard.Taz
6385 viewsI cut my existing Sankey boiler in half (gulp) then welded the bottom half to the salvaged keg, then finished the weld off inside grinding and polishing. I needed a torch in the bottom for this.Taz
Cranking up the boiler3730 viewsBoiling a 60L batch in a modified kegTaz
A nice cold one...2670 viewsFresh out of the Keg. This one did not last too long in the Keg I can tell you that. :)Beer-Guy
Two Keggles3126 viewsHere are the two Kegs after the top has been removed. One will be the HLT, THe other a Boil Kettle.Jaymes
Nice ChopJob2993 viewsThe Start of my HLT. 2nd Hand Keg with a chop topJaymes
Cascade Brewery - Tasmania3337 viewsKegging Machine at Cascade Brewerybhami
Cascade Brewery - Tasmania3393 viewsThe kegging machine at Cascade Brewerybhami
Postmix keg valve in wine barrel3314 viewsThis is a shot of the installation of the postmix keg valve to the wine barrelbhami
The Barrel3107 viewsThis is a shot of the barrel I am using for my experimental barrel fermented and brett conditioned beer. I have installed a postmix keg valve to the barrel to take samples and to hook a beer tap up to it.bhami
My brew stand with keggle, mash tun and march pump3406 viewswakkatoo
Little Brewing Company Kegs and Brewery4334 viewsThis is a photo from the Little Brewing Company that was uploaded from their website to be included in the Breweries Directorybhami
Blue Sky Brewery - Keg Wall4339 viewsThis file was e-mailed to me by Blue Sky Brewery to be included on their Breweries Directory listing. The listing can be found here
Beer fridge with kegs in the fridge and glycol tub in the freezer5572 viewsThis picture tries to show how my beer keg fridge works. It is able to hold 4 kegs in the fridge and has 3 beer lines that go to the taps to the left. The glycol system in the freezer pumps glycol along the lines to keep them coolbhami
Inside Beer Keg Fridge showing beer and glycol lines.5509 viewsThis picture tries to show the beer and glycol lines in the beer fridge. I was lucky enough to have a hole going between the freezer and fridge already so I didn't have to try and drill one.bhami
Full production!9361 viewsFinally running at full production! 4 kegs with 2 on tap, one co2'ing and another cellaring until september 2008.Wakkatoo
Keg and cc'ing jerry9037 viewsWakkatoo
Inside the portable keg fridge8922 viewsThis picture shows the rubber mat used as insulation on the inside of the portable keg fridge. The lid has also been insulated. The mat was purchased at Clarke Rubber for about $15, the plastic drum was sitting in the garage and the tap was a spare given to me by an old publican mate. Bags
My outdoor bar.8989 viewsMy bar top is made of red river gum which has been sealed with a marine varnish. The serving fidge has two taps to accomodate the two kegs within. Bags
Cellaring fridge10148 viewsMy cellaring fridge can cram six 19lt kegs in it.Bags
Portable keg fridge8876 viewsThe portable keg fridge is an old plastic drum which has been lined with rubber for insulation. The beer tap and a hole for the co2 line has been added. Two to three bags of ice will generally last for 24 hours before a to up is needed.Bags
Beer Stein9874 viewsHeavy cast "KEG HARP" stein, purchased on eBay. This is my favourite stein to drink out of, and is probably the cheapest, simplest, mass produced stein out of my collection. Just a nice one to drink from, and nicely fits a complete Grolsch bottle full, including a good head.ANT.
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