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Last additions
HLT upgrade8762 viewsAutomated HLT filling. This was done using a simple two stage controller. The sensors are home made as I couldn't find anything off the shelf. These were made up of 1/2 inch BPT nipples welded top and bottom with plastic end caps used in rural irrigation to electrically isolate the probes from the keg which acts as ground. These caps were boiled in an electric jug for 15 minutes to test for heat and they stood up well. The probes used were stainless steel screws and nuts. Corrosion and electrolysis can be a real problem with this sort of gear.
1 commentsTazOct 19, 2011
HLT upgrade5379 viewsTop water level sensor. Solenoid valve just seen on the riight.TazOct 19, 2011
HLT upgrade5439 viewsWater level sensorTazOct 19, 2011
Mindy8766 viewsFearless rat catcher protector of the grain supply and brew assistantTazAug 26, 2010
My brew assistant7710 viewsThe brew assistant doing what she does best between eating and hunting.TazAug 26, 2010
March Pump7756 viewsAn ungarded March Pump that needed a cover of some sort.TazAug 08, 2010
March Pump8062 viewsWasn't long before I realized the March Pump wasn't going to last long without some sort of protection against water and hot wort getting ito the cooling slots so I had this cover made upTazAug 08, 2010
7755 viewsTurning a 60 litre Sankey keg into a 85 litre one. The need to brew triple batches to fill 3 corny kegs I found the 60 litre keg was a tad to small which didn't allow for evaporation and head room for hot break, this is how I approached the problem. I cut the middle out of a damaged keg scavenged from an apple orchard.TazAug 08, 2010
6430 viewsI cut my existing Sankey boiler in half (gulp) then welded the bottom half to the salvaged keg, then finished the weld off inside grinding and polishing. I needed a torch in the bottom for this.TazAug 08, 2010
6501 viewsAdd the top, weld into place grind and polish inside. Stainless Steel will rust if the surface is not polished smooth so a bit of work is needed to bring the welded areas up to a good finish. The end result was a good sized boiler at a cheap price.TazAug 08, 2010
Brewrig4398 viewsAnother brew day finished and all cleaned up.TazJul 23, 2010
Cranking up the boiler3769 viewsBoiling a 60L batch in a modified kegTazJul 23, 2010
My Brewrig4138 viewsBrew day filling the fermenter through the CFCTazJul 23, 2010
Bruin Poured3382 viewsBelgian Style Bruin - My First AG. Just poured the first(of many) that evening with a few friends. Doesn't look too bad at all JaymesMar 31, 2010
Bruin Settled3089 viewsBelgian Style Bruin - My First AG. A few minutes after pouring, it still has good head retention.JaymesMar 31, 2010
A nice cold one...2702 viewsFresh out of the Keg. This one did not last too long in the Keg I can tell you that. :)Beer-GuyMar 30, 2010
Top of Fridge2787 viewsA fresh glass of beer.Beer-GuyMar 30, 2010
Tower Fan2691 viewsTower Fan with Temp control. Goes up to 7 but I keep it between 3 and 5 as any higher starts to chill way too cold.Beer-GuyMar 30, 2010
Beer Line2755 viewsLine inside going into the tower. On the right is the tower fan to chill the tower line outside the fridge.Beer-GuyMar 30, 2010
Inside shot. C/O2 tank is on the outside now. 3245 viewsInside the Fridge. C/O2 tank is now on the outside. I placed it inside because I did not have place for it outside when the picture was taken.Beer-GuyMar 30, 2010
Two Keggles3164 viewsHere are the two Kegs after the top has been removed. One will be the HLT, THe other a Boil Kettle.JaymesMar 29, 2010
Nice ChopJob3030 viewsThe Start of my HLT. 2nd Hand Keg with a chop topJaymesMar 29, 2010
Filling the wine barrel3927 viewsThis is another shot of the first brew going into the wine barrel for fermentation and brett conditioning. It is going to take 5 brews to get enough beer to fill the barrel.bhamiSep 22, 2009
Hop Trellis at Bushy Park - Tasmania3955 viewsThis is a panoramic shot of some Bushy Park hops. It was taken using the panoramic mode on my mobile. The hops aren't up yet.bhamiSep 22, 2009
Cascade Brewery - Tasmania3541 viewsA shot of the Cascade Brewery. Nice, isn't it?bhamiSep 21, 2009
Cascade Brewery - Tasmania3386 viewsBottom of the mash tun (I think) at Cascade brewerybhamiSep 21, 2009
Cascade Brewery - Tasmania3942 viewsViewing window at the top of a fermenter at Cascade Brewery. bhamiSep 21, 2009
Cascade Brewery - Tasmania3941 viewsBottom of a fermenter at Cascade BrewerybhamiSep 21, 2009
Cascade Brewery - Tasmania3370 viewsKegging Machine at Cascade BrewerybhamiSep 21, 2009
Cascade Brewery - Tasmania3424 viewsThe kegging machine at Cascade BrewerybhamiSep 21, 2009
Cascade Brewery - Tasmania3297 viewsMalt scales at Cascade BrewerybhamiSep 21, 2009
Cascade Brewery - Tasmania3324 viewsA shot of the bottling line at CascadebhamiSep 21, 2009
Cascade Brewery - Tasmania3254 viewsA shot of the bottling line at CascadebhamiSep 21, 2009
Moorilla Brewery (Moo Brew) - Tasmania3246 viewsPicture of Moo Brew in TasmaniabhamiSep 21, 2009
Moorilla Brewery (Moo Brew) - Tasmania3414 viewsYet another shot of Moorilla Brewery in Tasmania.bhamiSep 21, 2009
Moorilla Brewery (Moo Brew) - Tasmania3829 viewsThe Moorilla Brewery Control Panel.bhamiSep 21, 2009
Moorilla Brewery View3333 viewsThe view from Moorilla Brewery.bhamiSep 21, 2009
Moorilla Brewery (Moo Brew) - Tasmania3821 viewsMy brother at Moorilla BrewerybhamiSep 21, 2009
Moorilla Brewery (Moo Brew) - Tasmania7610 viewsPicture of Moo Brew in Tasmania with Head Brewer Owen Johnston on the left. Thanks for showing us around Owen.bhamiSep 21, 2009
Moorilla Brewery (Moo Brew) - Tasmania3306 viewsPicture of Moo Brew in TasmaniabhamiSep 21, 2009
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