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2 Brothers Brewery8728 viewsThis is a shot of 2 Brothers Brewery in Moorabbin (SE Melb). It is well worth checking out if you get a chance.bhami
Another Paddle Shot8340 viewsBeer Paddle and the brewery at Colonialwarrachie
Bar at Little Creatures8913 viewsPossibly the best bar anywhere. Note the pipes coming across overhead, these come straight from the brewery in the background into the big tanks at the bar where the taps are located!warrachie
Barrossa Brerwing Co.3188 viewsInside the Barrossa Brewing Co. at Greenock, S.A.
All the equipment was made by the guy who owns the place
Barrossa Brerwing Co.2876 viewsThe trouble and strife going into the shopfront ( the very tiny shopfront!!) of the Barrossa Brewing Co.warrachie
Barrossa Brerwing Co.2936 viewsa bit of Brewerania - or whatever they call it on ebay! found on the wall of the brewery!warrachie
Barrossa Brerwing Co.3034 viewsThe hand made brewery - made by the man who owns and runs the Barrossa brewing co., a stainless steel welder in his other life in the wine industrywarrachie
Barrossa Brerwing Co.3070 viewsanother shot inside the brewerywarrachie
Barrossa Brewing Co.2957 viewsAnother shot of this fantastic "home made" brewery!warrachie
Barrossa Brewing Co.3093 viewsBarrossa Brewing @ Greenock, South Aust.warrachie
Barrossa Brewing Co. 3000 viewsThe front of the Barrossa Brewing Co. - top setting!warrachie
Beer selection at Colonial8300 viewsThis is one of those paddles you get at microbreweries. About ten bucks and you got a decent taste of each stylewarrachie
Benjamin at Little Creatures8324 viewsIn years to come he'll appreciate me taking him there all those years ago!!!warrachie
Blue Sky Brewery - Brewery Tour4447 viewsThis file was e-mailed to me by Blue Sky Brewery to be included on their Breweries Directory listing. The listing can be found here
Blue Sky Brewery - Keg Wall4260 viewsThis file was e-mailed to me by Blue Sky Brewery to be included on their Breweries Directory listing. The listing can be found here
Bright Brewery Bar8003 viewsThe Bright Brewery bar with fermenters in the back groundbhami
Bright Brewery Beer Garden8095 viewsThe beer Garden out the front of bright brewery. Ebony and Megan enjoy a tasting.bhami
Bright Brewery Tasting Tray8798 viewsA tasting tray of the 5 beers at Bright Brewerybhami
Cascade Brewery - Tasmania3145 viewsA shot of the bottling line at Cascadebhami
Cascade Brewery - Tasmania3200 viewsA shot of the bottling line at Cascadebhami
Cascade Brewery - Tasmania3185 viewsMalt scales at Cascade Brewerybhami
Cascade Brewery - Tasmania3310 viewsThe kegging machine at Cascade Brewerybhami
Cascade Brewery - Tasmania3258 viewsKegging Machine at Cascade Brewerybhami
Cascade Brewery - Tasmania3818 viewsBottom of a fermenter at Cascade Brewerybhami
Cascade Brewery - Tasmania3813 viewsViewing window at the top of a fermenter at Cascade Brewery. bhami
Cascade Brewery - Tasmania3253 viewsBottom of the mash tun (I think) at Cascade brewerybhami
Cascade Brewery - Tasmania3411 viewsA shot of the Cascade Brewery. Nice, isn't it?bhami
Colonial Brewhaus8376 viewsThis is the brewery at Colonial, the place where they make the beeeudiful Dr. Quick's Strong Ale!warrachie
Colonial Brewing8393 viewsMe (the big one on the right!) and my mate Noel out the front of Colonial Brewing Co., Margret River W.A. One of a few microbreweries in the area, winners of lots of awards and after sampling and buying a bit of their product, I now know why!warrachie
Craft Brew - The Beer Lover's Guide to Victoria's Microbreweries cover - 4th edition3036 viewsThis is the front cover of 'Craft Brew - The Beer Lover's Guide to Victoria's Microbreweries cover - 4th edition'. There is more information about it on the beer forum where it is also available download.
Freshly Harvested Hops7942 viewsTwo big tubs of freshly harvested hops at the Red Hill Brewerybhami
Heaven on earth12780 viewsThe entrance to the Little Creatures Brewery, probably how I imagine the gates of heaven! Especially if they serve the same stuff up there as they do here!1 commentswarrachie
Hop Harvest at Red Hill Brewery8128 viewsVolunteers harvest hops at the Red Hill Brewerybhami
Jarrah Jacks8331 viewsThis is the Jarrah Jacks Brewery and Woodsmoke Estate Cellar Door at Pemberton W.A.warrachie
Jarrah Jacks8831 viewsAnother shot in the Jarrah Jacks Brewerywarrachie
Jarrah Jacks8387 viewsInside the brewery at Jarrah Jackswarrachie
Jarrah Jacks8348 viewswarrachie
Jarrah Jacks Brewhaus8265 viewsAnother shot inside the Jarrah Jacks Brewerywarrachie
Jarrah Jacks Brewhaus8357 viewswarrachie
Little Brewing Company4196 viewsThis is a photo from the Little Brewing Company that was uploaded from their website to be included in the Breweries Directorybhami
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